How are the repairs carried out?

Each of our vans is effectively a mobile panel shop. To a large extent we repair the damage the same way a panel shop will. The damaged area is cleaned and repaired, major dents being reduced as much as possible by panel beating. Minor dents, deep scratches and gouges are repaired with body filler. The damaged area once smoothed and restored to its original contours is then primed and color-matched, before top-coating with a fast-drying clear coat that is dust dry in two minutes. The finish is identical to the factory finish and may be treated in exactly the same way once fully cured. The major difference between our repairs and those carried out by a panel shop is that we only work on the damaged panel - we do not demand that the surrounding panels be painted to ensure a perfect match. With clever painting and good color matching, the need to "blend out onto surrounding panels" is negated. Due to this, we keep the area being resprayed to a minimum and this, in turn, keeps our charges to a minimum.

Where do I take the car?

All work can be conveniently performed at your home or office. All we need is a safe working area off the street, and access to a power supply. Shelter is obviously required if the weather is inclement, but generally the best results can be achieved in full daylight conditions, out in the open.

How much does it cost?

Due to differences in vehicle damages we are unable to create a price list however, we do provide free estimates. I can assure you that are prices are competitive and honest. 

Frontline Finish offers state-of-the-art minor body repairs. We offer the quality you would expect from an auto body repair shop. We use the highest quality paints and materials, and apply multiple coats to ensure long lasting quality.

Frontline Finish uses computerized color matching to ensure an accurate color match. We specialize in spot repairs and blending colors. Which means we can repair minor body damage without painting the entire panel. Our technicians are highly experienced and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Touch-up is a technique used to "hide" your minor imperfections, such as small scratches, rock chips, door edges ect. This technique costs much less than repainting and will greatly enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Your vehicles damaged areas will not "stand out". This technique is great if you are trying to sell your car or need to return a lease vehicle.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Broward and Palm Beach County. For other areas in South Florida call for more information.

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