Mobile Auto Body

Frontline Finish offers our customers convenient mobile service for minor collision damage.
We can repair those fenders or body panels at the convenience of your home or office at a much lower price than body shops. With 100% color matching and superior quality you can feel at ease when using Frontline Finish for your automotive needs.

With the low cost high quality repairs, most repairs are below insurance deductibles. This saves you money in the long run. However we also accept insurance claims, your convenience our priority.

Plastic Bumper Repair


You don’t always have to replace the entire bumper when damage occurs. We can repair those scuffed, dented, punctured, cracked bumpers for much less than total replacement costs. 

Bringing years of painting experience and excellence to bring auto repairs where you are. When you have a minor auto mishaps that put a kink in your car you no longer have to spend days of inconvenience having it repaired. We specialize in bringing the repair to you while you stay in the comfort of your own home or office. All we need is readily available source of electricity and a place to park by your vehicle.

Touch Up Service

Our cost effective touch-up service can be an excellent alternative to respraying when getting your car ready for resale. This is suitable for cars which have small chips and scratches which don't warrant respraying but detract from the overall appearance of the car. For example - chipped door edges, stone chips, and small scratches on the panels. 

We can color-code your plain black or grey mirrors, side protection moldings, bumper inserts and sills to match the car.

Wheel Repair

Do you have Scrapes, Scratches, or Curb marks on your Alloy/Aluminum Wheels?

No Problem. Frontline Finish has the solution. Using the latest technology and highly trained technicians we can restore those wheels without the costs of buying new rims, saving you hundreds.

Whether you’re a body shop, Automotive Dealer, tire center or private party who appreciates the convenience of getting your repair done at your home or office we are the choice for you.

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our repairs you can feel at ease that your repair needs are taken care of.

Faded or Peeling Paint

With 100% color matching and superior quality you can feel at ease when using Frontline Finish to restore your vehicle’s finish to like new condition. So whether you want to restore a faded paint finish or repair collision damage, you can depend on us for honest quality service and affordable pricing

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a cost effective process that will restore your car, truck or recreation vehicle (RV) headlight lenses (or any other plastics). Over time, plastic light enclosures become discolored, foggy, scratched, clouded, yellowed and seemingly destroyed by the harmful effects of the sun and many other factors. 

This natural deterioration can be extremely dangerous when driving at night.