Is Gaining Vertical Jump An Empty Promise You Make To Yourself Over And Over Again?


My name is Laura Jones and I play volleyball for Baylor University. I have trained with Robert Brown for two and a half years now. I am positive that I would not have a scholarship or be where I am today without Roberts hard training. He knows volleyball inside and out. He knows what exercises and skills are necessary for players to reach their highest potential. Robert's workouts are not easy, in fact his workouts are the hardest ones that I have ever encountered. When I'm struggling, sweating, and wanting to give up he always motivates me to push harder. I leave Robert knowing that I got in better shape that day. Working with Robert for the past two and a half years has made me the best volleyball player I can be. I would not be where I am today without Robert Brown.


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Sky High Jump Training Program…


My name is Robert L. Brown ...

My name is Robert L. Brown and  I am a dad of an ex volleyball player who was a small player by today's standards.  She played outside hitter at high school, Libero/Setter at her club team.  This kid was arguably one of the most talented and versatile players for her size (5'7').  Well the demands for her to jump high and move with blinding quickness was a necessity without options.  I knew we needed more than the normal run to different cone drills training sessions, the medicine ball and bodyweight only training sessions, and the jump for 30 minutes sessions wasn't gonna fit the bill..  I knew we needed to hit the weight room with full out effort.  In doing this, THE F.I.R.E. TRAINING. PROGRAM for volleyball was developed.


Success on The Volleyball Court Begin on the Platform


So, as you can see, I very much understand the battle of a female athlete trying to survive high level sports, and I know what it takes to reduce the chances of that season ending injury.  I’ve dedicated 15 years and 25,000 female athletes to helping people right here in Plano, Texas remain jumping as possible!  Now, I want to help YOU reduce your chance of that season ending injury, jump higher, and move better on the court!!


Fair enough?


""I came from Boswell High School where I was one of the strongest and fastest and went on to Texas Christian University where I started out as one of the weakest. I hated it. I asked my Assistant Coach where I could go and he told me about Robert Brown. I always told myself I can gradually grow at my game (volleyball) but there is NO EXCUSE for lacking on your physical side. The workouts we would go through didn't only prepare me physically but mentally as well. There would be days that I walked into Robert's gym and he would blurt out the workouts for that day and I would think to myself "He is absolutely crazy"... But that's how Robert builds character. He makes you do things that seem "absolutely crazy" and then you get results. It's only for those that want to push beyond their limits.""  Irene Hester


Program Goals

Maximize Volleyball Athleticism by increasing the Vertical Jump.


Increase Lateral Speed and Explosion.


Increase Absolute Strength.


Increase Explosive Power.


Increase Sports Specific Agility.


Increase level of Volleyball Conditioning.


Strengthen joints and poorly developed muscle groups in order to prevent




Robert Brown's training has helped me in my volleyball performance. The workouts each a purpose that applied to the game. All of what ee do ties to Volleyball, its specifically focused on that area. Before I started training I was slow and hardly was put in the game, after training I was quick. I went from hardly playing in a match to a libero and no doubt it was with the performance training. Every training session I have to push which has helped with my endurance. Robert works with you and helped get you to the next level. It's a hard workout but well worth the time and effort. Training has completely changed my performance,I'm stronger and that has helped with injury prevention.


                  -Rachel Benavides


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